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Service Areas

  • Prince Georges County
  • Montgomery County
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Carroll County
  • Baltimore County
  • Baltimore City
  • Howard County
  • Harford County
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Our Services

Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC visits your residence where only skilled and expert hands provide you with the varieties of health assistance for your daily needs.

Our services include:

24hours Skilled/Non-Skilled Home Care
Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC have both skilled and non-skilled Home Care professionals who will constantly attend to and service for your necessities around-the-clock 24/7. Whether you need supervision on personal care such as bathing and grooming, or you need a more expert health approach to administer medicine, and someone to view over your medical history, our skilled and non-skilled home care professionals will be there to look after your overall health condition.

Post-Hospitalization Care
We understand that post-hospitalization rehabilitation is a critical stage in your love one’s life. At Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC, we do our best to provide all the supervision necessary for them to restore their health back in good state. From the hospital to your home, our assistance includes transportation from the facility to your residence, looking after their complete well-being, running medication errands, noting down vital signs to gain assurance of recovery, and much more.

Medication Management
Managing your medication is a significant factor in the healing process. It’s important to always keep track of your medicine, making sure you do not miss a scheduled intake or take in more than advised. With our health experts who guide you in healing at your residence, you won’t have to worry about running out or be in danger with the drugs that you intake for assurance in healing.

Pain Management
Going through pain during rehabilitation is a natural process. We will stay beside you, conducting methods to control, take care, and manage the pains and discomforts you experience in the most safe and adept measures we know. Trust Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC in helping you cope with your goal towards full recovery.

Chronic Conditions Care
Chronic illnesses require consistent supervision and quality care to achieve assurance in a patient’s well-being. Patients suffering from chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s need that extra type of concern that Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC home care experts work with through utmost consistency and health planning. We make sure they get in and out of bed with ease, navigate their homes without strain, and stay comfortable and secure at all times.

Intravenous Therapy
Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is the placing of liquid substances, medicines or nutrients directly into the vein of a patient. This therapy is necessary especially for patients who are unable to intake solid medication, are experiencing difficulties with mobility, are bed-ridden, and may be suffering from severe chronic illnesses. Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC will be responsible in administering the procedures to them.

Hospice And Respite Care
Hospice care is provided for terminally ill patients. We make sure to give them all that they need especially because they are in a critical stage. Respite Care is a temporary institutional type of care given to a handicapped or dependent elderly, giving time for their regular caretakers.

Light House Keeping
Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC will assist you with maintaining balance and order in your home as we occupy it with you. We will dust, wipe, wash, and dry to give you, our clients the assurance of a clean and homey surrounding.

Assist With Activities Of Daily Living
Because seniors are not as capable as they were to work and operate in their everyday tasks, we provide them complete daily assistance such as transferring to and from the bedroom to another part of the house, combing their hairs, changing their clothes, washing up, and even when they need to urinate. We do this with genuine compassion and readiness.

Meal Preparation
Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC wants to make sure our patients are receiving a balanced and healthy diet to coincide with the medication they are taking. We want to promote a faster recovery for them. We will create meals for them that are hearty and nutritious, and patients can even request for us to make one at their preference specially.

While we are with you at home, Glory Divine Health Systems, LLC promises you will be rewarded with a better, healthier, and stress-free living. We will take care of you. We accept insurance agency plans from Medicaid Maryland, Older Adult Waiver, Living at Home, Maryland Physicians’ care, Private Insurances and Private pays.

Please contact us for any questions and clarifications. We look forward to looking after you at your residence!

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